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New color multifunctional OLIVETTI devices (13.05.2008)

3 multifunctional color solutions to suit application requirements of the modern and advanced office. It is best choice.

Changes in office workflows over the last few years have created a need for compact systems providing high quality printing and the largest possible number of functions.
The Olivetti d-Color MF201plus, d-Color MF250 and d-Color MF350 are complete solutions to the requirements: they offer advanced color management tools together with ease of use and impressive reliability. They also support the very latest-generation finisher modules to enhance the quality of the final document and reduce work times.

Single-pass tandem technology, with four separate double-ray laser units, ensures high-speed, low-cost, monochrome and color printing of the highest standard. With speeds ranging from 20 to 35 pages per minute on both color and black and white jobs, these solutions deliver performance levels on a par with the most advanced color devices or most productive monochrome systems.

The innovative polymerized toner is composed of minute particles of uniform size, to guarantee superior printing quality and unequalled sharpness. A special advanced print mode provides significant enhancement of lines and edges to improve the quality of faded text, fine lines and small typefaces. To reduce the use of toner, the systems also offer a low-consumption print mode.

With their ergonomic design, these models can be easily installed where space is at a premium. Easy access to all operating functions is aided by a broad intuitive control panel. Improvement of paper management functions is provided by up to 4 trays and support for heavier paper weights, while the duplex unit makes for faster copying jobs.
The banner printing function creates communication materials in non-standard formats, to lengths of up to 1.2 meters.
The optional finisher can be fully incorporated within the machine body to maintain the compact footprint.
As modular systems, these devices provide users with the functions that can be expanded as requirements change.
Options range from stapling, sorting and punching to the production of stapled leaflets, as well as practical mail bins to sort printouts for different departments, or to keep printed material separate from copies or fax transmissions.

These systems provide a variety of automatic processes to boost office efficiency, such as production of black and white documents when the color toner runs out or use of color only when requested. Automatic paper selection and rotation allow operations to continue even when these functions are not selected by the user.

For optimized management of daily operations, the new-generation print controller supports Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Citrix operating systems to integrate all processes in any network environment. A single user interface encompasses all PCL and PostScript printer languages. The advanced printing capabilities offered by these systems can be further enhanced with
the optional Fiery controller (available on the d-Color MF250 and d-Color MF350 only).

All three systems implement security solutions for data protection and confidentiality. Together with standard functions such as passwords for confidential document printing, they offer innovative options such as finger vein pattern recognition or magnetic badge validation.

More information: d-Color 201plus

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