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New OLIVETTI communication center for small offices (11.05.2008)

New Olivetti ink-jet fax equipped with a cordless phone DECT, a built-in answer machine and SMS functions.

The Fax-Lab 146D is a new Olivetti ink-jet small communication center offering fax with corded telephone, DECT cordless telephone, answering machine, SMS and copier.
These functionalities are deeply integrated to make it easier the access to common resources like the telephone book, the memory of the SMS messages and the memory of the answering machine.
The use of cordless phones has become extremely popular in most houses and offices for both domestic and business purposes. Therefore, it has become obvious for the home-office faxes to merge with the evolution of the cordless phones, in this case with the integration of the DECT electronics inside the fax body.
Integration, in fact, is the most appropriated word to describe the capability of the new product:
This is not just a fax and a DECT phone bundled together, but a fully integrated system with shared functionalities among the fax, the DECT phone and the corded phone!

The strengths of the Fax-Lab 146D in comparison to faxes connected to separate DECT phones are in fact the shared functionalities:

- The answering machine built-in into the fax can be accessed from both the corded and cordless phone;
- The telephone book inside the Fax_Lab 146D is unique for the fax, the corded and the cordless phone, a solution developed on purpose to avoid the editing of separate telephone books.
-The SMS functionality is also shared between the cordless and corded phone, with a common memory to keep stored the sent and received messages, as well as the messages edited for later delivery.
Another important plus offered by the Fax_Lab 146D is the separate DECT charger for everywhere charging, so that it can be plugged in another room of floor.
Last , but not least, the Fax_Lab 146D maintains the corded phone, so that the full access to both the fax and telephone functionalities is always available even if the cordless handset is not available because left somewhere away, or simply because its battery are low.
The Fax-Lab 146D join the bother models Fax-Lab 106 and Fax-Lab 126 as complete product line targeting home and small office User’s mainly through the Consumer Electronics chains, the not specialized Mass Merchandisers and the Mail Order companies.

The main features of the Fax_-Lab 146D are:

– Elegant and stylish design with an highly ergonomic keyboard with large keys;
– Cordless phone compliant with the DECT GAP standard, featuring caller ID, hands-free conversation, access to answering machine, telephone book and SMS functionalities;
– Separate cordless charger for everywhere charging, (does need to stay closed to the fax body).
– New navigator key associate with a complete new set-up menu procedure to make it easier and faster personalize the feature of the fax to meet the User’s need;
– 14,4 Kpbs modem with MMR compression method which reduces the transmission time to 7 seconds and, as a consequence, the cost on the telephone bill;
– Built-in telephone features and simple handset
– Built-in digital answering machine that can be accessed messages from both the cordless and the corded phones;
– Dynamic memory to contain up to 30-pages of document for broadcasting to up to 10 destinations, or up 15-minute of vocal messages. The dynamic memory adjusts its capacity depending upon to the kind of messages being received between fax documents and voice messages.
– Back-up voice messages; they are not deleted in case of power failure;
– SMS feature to compose, send and receive messages from both the cordless and the corded phones;
– Display and printed messages available in different languages, user selectable;
– Paper tray up to 40 sheets;
– Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) up to 5 pages;
– 60-number agenda (10 one touch + 50 code) shared among the fax, the cordless phone and the corded phone;
– 64 grey tones and ECM for enhanced transmission quality;
– Manual & automatic redial;
– On-hook dialing;

More information: Fax-Lab 146D

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